Spiritual Integrative Growth

Spiritual Integrative Growth provides spiritual practices and exercises that help heal physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. The approach addresses one’s relationship with self, with others and with the world-at-large, thereby enabling the healing process.


Spiritual Integrative Growth is grounded in the awareness that at the deepest level, spiritual healing effects our physical selves as well as our relationships. Spiritual in this context is the essence of our being which permeates our living in relationship, infuses our unfolding awareness of who and what we are, our purpose in being, our inner resources and shapes our life journey (Burkhardt & Nagai-Jacobson). Spiritual Integrative Growth prompts us to be and become more fully ourselves in relationship to God, in relationship to each of the others in our lives, in relationship to nature, and in the various expressions of our physical-mental-emotional-spiritual being.

Art  by Marianne Gould


  1. Deepening prayer life and relationship with God
  2. Growing in acceptance of self
  3. Noticing attachments and obstacles
  4. Finding personal and individual meaning and purpose
  5. Living in freedom, confidence and stability

What to Expect

  • Confidential one-on-one sessions
  • Personal reflective assessment
  • Sessions twice a month (approximately one hour)

Offered by

SDI logoSuzanne Broussard, Spiritual Director and Member of Spiritual Directors International, with extensive training in spiritual formation and the developing life (emotional, physical and spiritual).

To schedule an appointment, contact Suzanne at 830.832.3714 or gardenershouse@yahoo.com.